"The quality of the vine's life depends on us. The choices made prior to putting the vines into production are difficult and fundamental, because they signify the start of a very long journey. The wines that we produce are the result of these choices and all the work that follows on from them."

"From an early age I noticed that the vines planted by my grandfather on the family hills were always healthy, despite their age. It is from this place and from this genetic stock that I started on my path." "For years I have shared, studied and applied the biological-biodynamic method, which, I am convinced, represents the right road to go down with our vines. The biodynamic method teaches respect for the earth's ecosystem, by maintaining the land fertile and preserving the health of plants thus increasing product quality. By observing our vineyards I can discern their equilibrium, a key factor in obtaining grapes that are rich in all their natural characteristics". "The terrain that we cultivate covers an area of ​​14 hectares and is spread over some of the finest plots on the Colli Orientali, eastern Friulian hills."

Gianni Bon - Patron dell'azienda

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