The Cadibon Company

"Here at Bon" is the meaning of the name Cadibon, a symbolic summary of the importance of our region and our family tradition of creating wines capable of expressing the unity between the power of nature and the wisdom of man."

Corno di Rosazzo and the Colli Orientali (Eastern Hills) of Friuli are the cradle of Cadibon wines. Whites and reds with a strong temperament; cared for with enormous passion and respect for the environment by Luca Bon, the young but already expert vine cultivator and meticulous, refined winemaker. The traditional hospitality of the locals is emphasised in the new winery, designed to offer maximum functionality for processing and ageing the grapes, but also to welcome visitors and enthusiasts to taste not only the wine but also our local products. The Cadibon label is the company's identifying mark of quality. This selection is flanked by a White and Merlot labelled "L'Osteria"; two wines that bear the name of the eatery in San Giovanni al Natisone, run personally by Ameris Bon, who divides his attention between his guests and creating his traditional cuisine.

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